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What we ordinarily call Success

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One of the outstanding tragedies of this age of struggle and money-madness is the fact that so few people are engaged in the effort which they like best.

The accumulation of great wealth and the attainment of any high station in life such as constitute what we ordinarily call success, are based upon the vision to comprehend and the ability to assimilate and apply the major principles of the sixteen lessons of this course

95% of people who are classed as failures have no definite chief aim in life. This class also engaged in the work which they did not like.
5% constituting the successful ones not only have purposes that is definite, but also a definite plans for the attainment of their purposes. This group also indulge in what they liked best.
Another vital fact learned from the analyses was that all of the 95% who were succeeding had formed the habit of systematic saving of money, while the 5% who were failures saved nothing.