What is Ethereum & Tron Smart Contract?

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🚩What is Smart Contract Technology?

🚩How can you earn unlimited Ethereum And Trons?

In the Next 5 Minutes I’ll Show You How You Can Earn Ethereum and Trons Daily, Paid Directly And Instantly To Your Own Crypto Wallet, Like Thousands Of People Around The World.

Introducing The World’s First 100% Decentralized Matrix Project Programmed On An Ethereum and Tron Smart Contract Called Forsage, Where 100% Of The Income Goes Directly And Transparently To The Members Of The Project With Zero Risk.

Forsage.io is a decentralised crypto earning ecosystem that run on Ethereum and Tron Blockchain interface via a Smart Contract Technology. It allows you to work from home or any location of your desire as you watch your account grow with crypto earnings. The ecosystem is flexible, with no time limit, targets, or pressure. Forsage works on the specific features of the Ether (NYSE:ETH) and Tron cryptocurrency, allowing users to earn a long-term residual Ethereum income.

This new type of Ecosystem is unique and different from what online marketers usually know. By the fact that it runs on a smart contract, this Cryptocurrency/Ethereum and Tron program is immutable. For those who are off the grid, the 🚩Smart Contract is a constituted blockchain technology that describes an automated digital contract that cannot be broken or changed nor Hacked.

If, for example, Forsage closes business or its website, the program remains functional. This therefore, means that no person can ever interfere with or stop the intended working of the prescribed process by either bad intention or incompetence. And if you’re familiar with MLM/Network Marketing, you might be aware of the failures, scams, or shutdowns associated with them. Forsage comes as a permanent solution to those problems.

🕹How to join Forsage Smart Contract on the Ethereum and Tron Blockchain

With Forsage’s Decentralized Project You Can Get Started With As Little As 0.05 on Ethereum Platform And 200 Trons on Tron Platform. The Income Potential Is Literally Unlimited, You Can Earn Even 1,000 Ethereum Or More!

Since 2020, Forsage Has Helped Thousands Of People Earn Ethereum And Tron .Some have Earned Hundreds Of Ethereum and rons In Their First 3-8 Weeks Of Getting Started, Like The Following Forsage Members:

on Ethereum check this ID’s ID 8679 , ID 8648, ID 64 , ID 1 , ID 7977

on Tron Check This ID’s ID 1, ID 787, ID 712, ID 402 AND ID 352

And By The Time You Check These IDs Publicly On The Blockchain They Will Have Earned Even More Ethereum and Trons..

Thanks to the powerful and lucrative Forsage Ecosystem, it is possible to earn Ethereum and Trons even without referring anyone to the project on x4 and xGold.

How The Forsage Program Works? (On Ethereum and Tron it works Exactly the same, But in this Example we are Going to use Tron Platform since it is cheaper to join and Easy to profit on due to low Transaction Fees)

In the FORSAGE X3 Program, below you are three places in one line. In the FORSAGE X4 Program below you are two lines 2 places in the first line and 4 places in the second line. When you register in FORSAGE Tron or Ethereum Platform, you open both programs simultaneously. After Login you can now open Forsage xGold.

In each of these two programs, FORSAGE X3 and FORSAGE X4 there are 12 slots on Ethereum platform and 15 Slots on Tron Ecosystems . Each subsequent slot you purchase is 2 times the value than the previous one and you generate 2 times more income as well! (Example of Tron Back-office)

Above is x3 on Tron and Below is x4 on Tron

Programs FORSAGE X3 and FORSAGE X4 have 15 sites each, which work on the same principle. Closing one site and earning 100% from the ecosystem, you can reinvest part of the profit and open access to the next site, which costs 2 times more than the previous one and makes it possible to earn 2 times more.

In Forsage X3 you get 100% of the payment to your crypto wallet from spots 1 and 2. Spot 3 reopens the slot again and payment goes to your upline.

All partners in your slots of the Forsage x3 program are your personally referral partners. When you invite partners, they take places under you. The distribution of payments when filling out the matrix automatically occurs as follows:

 > The first referral partner takes a place under you. 100% payout goes to your personal wallet

 > The second referral partner takes second place below you. Payment is also instantly credited to your personal wallet.

 The third partner takes third place below you. You again receive 100% income, but in the form of reinvest.

Reinvest opens the same slot for you again, and you continue to receive income from it. Reopening the slot, you take next free place in your superior partners’ slot. Accordingly, 100% for reinvestment is transferred to your superior.

In Forsage X4 members who take 2 places below you in the first line go to your upline or they spillover to the ecosystem.

You receive 100% of the payments on the second line, spots 3,4 and 5 go to your wallet while spot 6 reopens this slot’s matrix again with empty spots and payment goes to your upline.

There is a system in place that incentivizes members to upgrade to higher slots in the ecosystem from the profits they already made otherwise they can lose profits while you can earn extra profits. This ensures that active members will eventually upgrade to all 24 slots on ethereum and 30 on Tron.


XGold program: the advantage of this program is in a larger number of partners and overflows, which generates an income of 1020% from one site cycle.

In one xGOLD site there are 30 places for partners in 4 lines: 2, 4, 8, 16, respectively.

Payments by 2 people in the 1st line go to pay to higher partners (as in X4).

From the 2nd level you get 20% from each of the 4 places.

From the 3rd level you get 30% from each of the 8 places.

From 4th level you get 50% from each of the 16 places occupied under you.

29 and 30 partners also get into the fourth line and form a reinvestment. That is, the last 2 payments from the 4th level, 50 + 50%, redeem the same platform for you again.

Thus, the total return is 1120% from one matrix cycle, of which 100% is used for automatic reinvestment or recycling.

🛑You can only earn ETH and TRON on active slots!

How many slots can be activated immediately? As many as you want! The more slots you activate the more ETH you can earn and you will not miss out on any income from partners upgrading before you.

It is recommended to start with at least 4-6 slots in both Forsage X3 program and Forsage X4 program.

Leaders usually start with more than 6 slots, some with 10 slots in each matrix to earn more from the beginning.

You can create unstoppable passive income with Forsage as we grow and help more people around the world.

For more details on how Forsage Ecosystem works please watch the full video above. In our winning team we have all the training, resources, step by step tutorials and support to help you achieve your goals.

To Get Started You Need To Install the Token Poket wallet for Tron and Trust Wallet for Ethereum On Your Phone And Deposit Enough Trons and ETH .Get Forsage Link or ID from the person who has referred you To Register And Then Activate The Amount Of Slots That You Want One By One.


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Congratulations Mr. Hezron for achieving your first goal in Forsage Blockchain Ecosystem within 4 MONTHS. As we look forward into Launching 100 Days to GREATNESS.

The Step By Step Video Tutorials On How To Get Started And Contact The Person Who Shared With You This link.

To Forsage, The First Ever 100% Decentralized Matrix Project!

Attend Our weekly Wednesday Saturday Zoom Calls At 9pm Pm East Africa time

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The following are the principal features of Forsage.io:

🚩Zero risk factors

The program operates on a self-executing smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain. This makes it impossible to modify by any entity. So users on the platform run no risk at all of any form of manipulation.


Users have indefinite access to the Forsage project, which guarantees a continued participation in the matrix project embedded in the smart contract.

🖲Instant Peer-to-Peer Payments

The Forsage smart contract is a payment gateway that facilitates P2P commission payments among the participants on the program.

💻No-hierarchy organization

Forsage embraces a crowdfunded decentralized matrix project, which is designed to motivate a global reaction to the crypto ecosystem. It achieves that by offering new members a seamless introductory experience.

📲Transparency and anonymity

The project’s performance data is verifiable and its partners’ transaction history available on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Transaction surety

Forsage utilizes network nodes, which irrevocably record and ubiquitously store all transactional history of all its network partners on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Final Thoughts

As always, never risk more than you are willing to lose. Past performance never guarantees future success and the high risk high reward nature of Forsage should be held accountable before making any decision to join the Ethereum blockchain project. It’s important to realize Forsage is NOT a get rich quick scheme, income is not guaranteed and if you want to earn a lot of Ethereum then you need to put in the effort.

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