4 weeks Performance in Ether-Tron Ecosystem

💰 xGold Marketing 🚀

Time for action and set your most ambitious goals!

In order for you to be successful in the new xGold Tron program, One of the dollar millionaire of our community has prepared a marketing video for you.


XGold program: the advantage of this program is in a larger number of partners and overflows, which generates an income of 1020% from one site cycle.

In one xGOLD site there are 30 places for partners in 4 lines: 2, 4, 8, 16, respectively.

Payments by 2 people in the 1st line go to pay to higher partners (as in X4).

From the 2nd level you get 20% from each of the 4 places.

From the 3rd level you get 30% from each of the 8 places.

From 4th level you get 50% from each of the 16 places occupied under you.

29 and 30 partners also get into the fourth line and form a reinvestment. That is, the last 2 payments from the 4th level, 50 + 50%, redeem the same platform for you again.

Thus, the total return is 1120% from one matrix cycle, of which 100% is used for automatic reinvestment or recycling.